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Our Story

Based on patented data visualization research, Traffigram utilizes pre-attentive processing to allow immediate perception of multiple travel times at once.


Traffigram started when company co-founder and data scientist Dr. Cecilia Aragon found traditional maps based on distance to be unhelpful when trying to make choices based on travel time. She had the idea that maps could be transformed to show travel time instead of distance. As a professor of the University of Washington, she received two patents on this innovative technology. Today, the Traffigram team is bringing this revolutionary technology to the world.

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Our Journey So Far

January 2023

The Traffigram team is formed

Traffigram begins development and researches new commercialization routes in a directed research group at the University of Washington.

March 2023

Accepted to VentureWell E-Team Program

Traffigram receives a $5,000 grant from the VentureWell E-Team program and attends an in-person workshop in Columbus, OH the following month.

Our stats speak for themselves

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2x faster travel decisions

UW studies show that people make decisions over twice as fast using Traffigram as opposed to a typical map.

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94% accuracy

With us, you don’t need to sacrifice accuracy for speed. Decisions made using Traffigram are both accurate and faster than any other map.

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40% less frustration

Traffic and travel can be difficult. Our  cutting-edge research on data visualization makes painless as possible. Users report significantly lower frustration when using Traffigram to make travel decisions.

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