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Maps, built effortlessly with Traffigram


We're changing the way the world thinks about urban travel.

Traffigram's visualizations represent spatial accessibility in an intuitive way in order to more accurately share the stories of urban travelers.

Driven by our values of innovation, Traffigram is enabling users to see the urban environment in terms of time, not distance.


Why Traffigram

Making Good Choices at a Glance

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Quick & Accurate

Allows quicker and more accurate travel decisions.

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Cutting-edge technology

Utilizes the latest research in cognitive psychology and data visualization to create a seamless map experience for our users.

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Reduced Cognitive Load

Take advantage of our research on pre-attentive processing and absorb all the information you need, at a glance.


Teams that trust us


Ready to get started?

Curious how Traffigram can meet your unique business needs? Interested in following us along as we continue to grow? 

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